PLEASE READ: Mental Illness: The Elephant in the Room

I decided to let go of the past then I find out that one of my professors in college saw me at a mental hospital and actually applied some tests on me.
He remember me and for some reason I don’t know if I should talk about it or not.

I’m not on medication, I’m doing fantastic and I have a great life without any signs of mental illness.

But wait, WHY SHOULD I BE ASHAMED? When there’s a cancer survivor everyone claps and cheers, but when someone was in a mental hospital, recovered from addiction or had a suicide attempt he/she needs to go hide under a rock?

Not going to happen. Yes I had depression,yes I tried to kill myself, yes I had trauma because of sexual abuse, yes I had hallucinations, yes, in fact I was a mental health patient but I am not my past and I am not an illness.

We need to start talking and make this elephant dissapear .

The best way to learn how to love yourself and others is through volunteering and helping.

Go on a humanitarian trip or help a non profit organization locally.

The human experience is meant to be shared with others through compassion.

I had a breakdown today because I was on tv and i looked huuuuge.
Yes, I am overweight, yes I don’t look perfect on camera but let’s be honest. Does it even matter?
I will not ruin my life and cry my eyes out because my body doesnt look how it’s “supposed to look”.
I got my point across. I got my message out there.
I’m a self love advocate and I need to love myself.
I have my moments.
But I’m never ever going back to my old self
I will love me. No matter what.